Massage Treatments

Why Choose A Massage with us?

They say in order to truly be a master in your craft that you need to have done something ten thousand times… With over a decade of being recognized as being one of the UK’s Top Therapists, Head angel Debs has literally done thousands of massages to make her a Master Therapist in her own right…
A highly experienced body worker trained in numerous different techniques and approaches, she draws on these skills combined with an impeccable intuitive empathy when working with her clients…. Described by the UK Therapist of The Year judges as being “One of the most consistently brilliant therapists in the industry….year after year never ceasing to amaze with innovation and versatility…” you really couldn’t be in safer or more experienced hands!
Her Professional training boasts being trained by some of the most highly sought after, Influential International Therapists and Trainers of our modern times.

Over a decade of training, mastery training (and working herself for 4 years as a licensed trainer) with Gerry Pyves founder of No Hands Massage and the fabulous founder of Fertility Massage – Clare Spink, both industry pioneers to mention a few…

Her skill set is such that she can literally cherry pick the right techniques and bespoke every treatment based on the clients needs, wants and expectations. Combining the massage with highly effective communication and transactional analysis, EFT, NLP and other psychological techniques Debs is well and truly able to treat clients on a Physical, Energetic, Emotional, Mental and spiritual level both on a conscious and subconscious level…





Your Massage…Your Choice!

Soooo…How Do you want to Feel today?

​Yessssss… You do have a choice!

Come along and let your imagination play… Massage is such a phenomenal tool for the mind, body and soul you can literally set your own goals. Massage does not be something you turn to for the odd pamper or in times of aches and pains, used wisely massage is a tool that can be adapted and changed to serve you constantly through your life’s journey….

Choose from:

  • Structural Realignment;
  • Deep Nurturance & Indulgence;
  • Connection & Space;
  • Stimulation Kick-start;
  • Energy Reboot (repletion);
  • Detox;
  • Sideline (suitable for Pregnancy or those who can’t lie on their front);
  • Transformational (combining dreams/wishes with the power of masterful touch – this massage truly has the wow factor!);
  • Anything else that you might think of or need

It’s Your Massage… Your Body… Your Choice!!!

You will never be in the same identical place twice in your life – so why would you have the same massage every session… ?

All too often the client does not get given the choice or even can take the easy option of saying “Just you do what you think…you’re the expert!”

We hear this all too much and the fact is that the therapist may be the expert in the room when it comes to the skills and expertise of the massage but YOU and only you will be the expert in how you are and your body are feeling…

Furthermore, even if you are a regular receiver of massage and you had the most amazing massage last time – you and your body have moved on since that last treatment so the same treatment may not tick every box the next time – so we ask you to take control of your massage by given a wee bit of thought into how you want to feel at the end so that we can deliver the perfect treatment everytime…

Lets Talk Massage Styles…

Structural Realignment and Pain Management Treatments

Often one of the most common reasons that a client will come for a massage is that they may be feeling some kind of pain or discomfort within the body. Working on a very deep but gentle way our structural realignment treatments are a perfect, powerful and effective way to release all the tension from your spine, hips and neck. The unique approach used by Deborah means that she will literally cherry pick the best elements of a number of techniques to get the very best results and so much more release can be achieved than through conventional Massage treatment ­ – a natural, structural alternative to the osteopath combining Massage and EMMETT Muscle Release and all of it pain-free!


Deep Nurturance & Indulgence

This style of Massage treatment would be more commonly recognised as the Pampering and indulgent Massage. Think about feeling like you are getting a great big hug and just feel like you are being well and truly looked after. Permission to simply lie there, breathe and relax and disappear to a world of complete and utter escapism and bliss…. Let all you your cares and worries disappear as the therapist makes the whole world feel far away….this massage style comes with a warning though – you’ll never want it to end….
This style combines particularly well for spa massages such as Hot Stones and Hot Oils….


Connection & Space

Ever get those days where you just don’t feel yourself? Perhaps you feel totally discombobulated and nothing seems to fit…? No matter how hard you try your feet just don’t seem to be touching the ground and your head doesn’t feel like its attached to the rest of the body…? Perhaps you’ve lost yourself spiritually or your purpose in life…?

If any of those sound like you then this deeply hypnotic and connecting style of massage is for you…. Slow, Deep, Purposeful hypnotic strokes all focused on centralising you and connecting you right back down to earth….

​This massage can work brilliantly when linked with positive anchoring or NLP/EFT techniques for putting you back together again in the here and no and helping you know exactly where you are going….


Energising Stimulation Kick-start

As the name suggests this style of massage is all about creating energy… Its quick, fast and sometimes furious lol…

Think fire, sparks, electricity energy and you have all the ingredients of an energising massage – For those who need stimulating and focus…


Energy Reboot (repletion)

Often confused with an energising massage this is almost the complete opposite to an “Energising” Massage as you may think and it takes a very experienced therapist to be able to offer this treatment. The major deciding point between the two and which style to give comes from ascertaining whether or not the client asking for more energy is in fact genuinely needing more energy because they need a surge of energy and adrenalin to get them through the day or if they are needing energy because they are physically (and often mentally) exhausted and running on empty. If this later is the case it is repletion that they would be needing and repletion that would be the safer and longer lasting results treatment. Working with the lightest of touch often even including complete stillness, this treatment generates and repairs the body’s balance from the core of the body outwards to help it to naturally repair and heal itself…

This is the perfect style for anybody who has been going through a particularly stressful time or longterm illness amongst many others…



When we think of the Detoxification process we are generally stimulating the body in such a manner to encourage its fight and flight mode, cleansing the body and working the lymphatic system to balance the body into balance… getting rid of any stagnant matter it may be holding onto and altogether promoting a more effective healthy body…

If you are on part of a detox plan, we have some incredible lymphatic drainage massages that can help the body on its way and in addition offer a number of abdomen and colon (non invasive) treatments as well as Thai & Indonesian Massage, Thai Hand and Foot, Reflexology and Facial Reflexology…

The EMMETT Lymphatics Treatment is an incredible sequence that offers a Complete Homeostasis Body Detoxification and Body Relaxation Treatment in one. Extremely powerful and gentle and has tremendous benefits even after one treatment – Highly recommended for sufferers of Fibromyalgia, ME, Parkinsons and other debilitating ongoing conditions….



This style of massage in addition to being a tremendous adaptation technique that can be adopted for use with client’s who can not be it for medical reasons or other lie on their stomachs or one side of their body…

Highly supported by pillows, the client is allowed to lie on their side almost in a fetal position as if they were about to go to sleep and the full body or back massage can be carried out in this manner – the positioning of the body generally lends itself to a relaxing or repletion style of massage and offers a very comfortable and deeply sedating manner of receiving a massage if you cannot lie on your front.



When you wish upon a star…..Your dreams come true…

The potency of the mind when fed with the body’s need and desire for something to happen comes to life when we open our mind and truly believe that we are capable of having that want or need…

A new job, new relationship, more time out for yourself, self worth and greater self esteem – the list is endless…

When we truly relax and drift off something that can often happen to many of us when we are receiving a massage we enter into what is known as a hypnoglognic state and it is at this stage that combining your dreams and wishes with the power of masterful communicative anchoring touch that transformational seeds may be planted….

Over the years we have witnessed many of our client’s manifest their futures on the table, some virtually to the colour of coffee cup they will be drinking out of in their new job, others with parts of their manifestations happening then and maybe even a year or so later… Worse case scenario you have a phenomenal massage covering your structural, bio-chemistry and nervous system and a chance to dare to dream….

Choose from Just the Back, Half Body or Full Body Massage… every massage 100% bespoke to meet your exact needs and requirements…. | Prices from £45





Massages To Suit Every Taste…

Looking for something a bit different …Your in the right place. If you don’t find what your looking for on here or in our treatment menu please just ask as it is likely we will either be able to offer an alternative…​


Clinical Aromatherapy Massages…Prices from £50

Tailor made for you according to your individual specifications, enjoy a treatment that has been 100% created for you and simply experience those aches & pains, stresses & anxieties melt away…. Whether looking for sheer sedation, a stimulating boost or simple relaxation, the answer will lie in the healing mystery of the essential oils…Practiced for centuries – the results and benefits speak for themselves!


Indian Head Massage – Traditional & Western …| Prices from £50

The ultimate pick me up….just sit back, relax and allow those troubles & stresses to simply melt away.
Practiced in India for thousands of years and passed on through generations of families, this unique and extremely effective stress busting massage has recently seen a surge in popularity within the western world. Proven time and time again to be a quick, effective method of stress relief leaving the recipient de-stressed, balanced and uplifted.
Concentrating on the upper back, neck, shoulders, arms, scalp & face benefits are felt throughout the entire body. Carried out fully clothed & sitting upright in a chair. Addition of oil to the scalp is optional.

For something a bit more special and more of a Stress Buster – why not opt for one of our Angel Loving Care Exclusives…the East Meets West Ritual… A lying down adaptation combining clinical aromatherapy Back, Neck, Shoulders & Scalp Massage combined with the traditional Indian Head Massage … A firm favourite with our clients…. Can also be combined with Reiki or Stone Therapy for additional indulgence…


Stone Therapy – Hot Stones and Advanced Hot & Cold Stone Therapy… | Prices from £55

Often referred to as the Rolls Royce of Massage Treatments…With one stroke from a single stone being the equivalent to 12 to 14 manual strokes this warming nurturing treatment is renowned for not only its pampering qualities but as a great therapeutic deep massage and a great alternative to a deep tissue massage or for those who like a good deep firm massage….
As with all our massages your treatment will be completely delivered to tick everything discussed within your consultation…
We also offer Advanced Stone Therapy which combines the use of Hot & Cold Stones and can also incorporate with Crystal Therapy for complete balance inside and out…
The addition of Cold stones makes a refreshing uplifting alternative to those who love the indulgence and relaxation of the Hot Stones but don’t want the sedation and sleepiness that Hot stones can cause. Hot and Cold Stones can also offer fantastic therapeutic benefits for muscular injuries, an aid with Lymphatic Drainage, help for Stimulating weight loss & Sluggish Tension and for something completely different and mind blowing you could opt for one of our ultra exclusive deluxe treatments with our Full Body Hot & Cold Balancing Ritual which with the balance of hot and cold, yin and yang can often be compared as an holistic equivalent of acupuncture….


Saltability – Himalayan Salt Rocks Therapies  | Prices from £60

For Ultimate Relaxation, Pain Management, Detoxification, Healing and an Overall Sense of Well-being…

An alternative to Stone Therapy, Himalayan Salt rocks are naturally antibacterial and renowned for centuries for their health and well-being benefits…. Proud to be one of the first salons in Scotland offering this revolutionary therapeutic ritual.

Containing 84 trace minerals including sodium chloride, sulphate, calcium and magnesium, when heated the salt becomes a natural purifier which once massaged onto the skin gently but effectively helps to reduce the toxicity of electromagnetic frequencies emitted from al the electronics which surrounds our lives…

Can be used either warm or cold providing a deeply relaxing deep massage which has true benefits for the mind, body and soul…


Benefits of Warm Salt Rocks include:  Alleviation of Pain and Discomfort, help with inflammation within the body through detoxification and encourages deep sedated relaxation…

Benefits of Cold Salt Rocks include: Reduction of inflammation and have a toning effect on the body…



Silicon Cupping Massage  | Prices from £60

Cupping massage is a deeply relaxing yet extremely powerful deep tissue technique using specially designed silicone hand squeezed vacuum cups in combination with manual massage to tailor make the perfect treatment for whatever may be your specific concerns. 

Whether for simple relaxation or to really omit those hard to tackle stubborn knots and toxins this treatment offers a solution…. Draining toxins, fluids and stagnant energy this treatment improves blood circulation, loosens muscles, reduces pain, lifts connective tissues offering a truly unique massage experience lightening and warming the body along the way… Truly a massage to be tried…

Perfect for general relaxation or tailored to accommodate such conditions as Tissue & Joint inflammation, Sprains, strains & Spasms, Tired, sore & overworked muscles, Arthritis, Back & Joint Pain, Fibromyalgia, Sluggish Colon, IBS, Stagnant Lymph & Oedema, Poor circulation, cellulite to mention a few…



Thai Hand & Foot Massage | Prices from £65

An alternative to Reflexology – Excellent for lymphatic drainage, the treatment encourages the breakdown of toxins that have built up within the body therefore boosting the immune system. Stimulation of the reflex points on the feet stimulate the internal organs and gently encourage the free flow of energy throughout the body by thourally focusing massage attention to the feet and the lower legs. A great treatment for improving the flexibility and circulation within the body as well as reducing stiffness in the lower body joints and muscles. Stimulating the immune system and encouraging the elimination of toxins this a great treatment for overall well being and maintenance..


Bamboo & Indonesian Massage – A great alternative to Deep Tissue and Sports Massage | From £55.00

Stress relieving, muscle strengthening, lymph draining and reactivated circulation, all this is achieved from powerful massage techniques using silky bamboo canes, specific rolling and unique massage movements unlike any massage you have ever experienced before. Inner well-being is improved with specific reflexology points being activated and skin is left silky, nourished and restored from the bamboo bio extract.

– Ideal for someone who likes a deep tissue and firm massage.
– Women who have concerns of heavy, tired legs or tight muscular problems
– Men who have an active sporty lifestyle, offering a deep intense massage, softening muscle tension all over the body
– Great as part of a detox and weight loss program
– Ideal to be linked with a sports massage
– An ideal alternative to Hot Stone Massage or Thai Massage


Thai Infusion Style Massage | From £65.00

Combining traditional herbs, exotic essential oils & Eastern Massage techniques, this modern yet traditional heat treatment uses Traditional Steam-Heated Thai compresses which are rolled and pummeled across the body helping to soothe and alleviate muscular tension whilst purifying and detoxifying the body from head to toe.
This very different treatment is extremely powerful and potent on so many levels and offers not only a relaxing treatment but a re-energising, invigorating boost via the infusion of herbs thus stimulating the mind, body and soul. A great kick start for the body’s lymphatic system and immune booster top up by enforcing the flushing of toxins and excess fluids and encouraging a boost to the circulatory system.
As you would expect with anything Thai massage orientated, this is not a massage for the faint hearted as its very powerful and deep – ideal for those stubborn, hard to reach knots and dare I say those clients who like to feel like they’ve had a good battering!


Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage | From £60.00

Orignating from Hawaii Lomi Lomi style massages are a must to be tried and very different to many of the conventional massages offered within the beauty industry. It is a beautiful flowing massage which starts at the core of the body and flows outwards across the body simultaneously massaging and stimulating the entire body from head to toe with every stroke. Generally carried out with the forearms of the practitioner this gentle but very nurturing and relaxing massages offers soft yet firm stimulation and clients often refer to it being like an ocean wave enveloping them promoting an effective stress management treatment and a fantastic medium to help them to completely switch off.
As you would expect we at Angel Loving Care like to put our angelic twist on our Lomi Lomi style massages and combine the ritual with other approaches and techniques such as aromatherapy, Ayurveda massage, Stone and Crystal therapy and EMMETT….

If your looking for something a little bit special this could be the choice for you.


What our clients say….


Just tried the new structuring massage from Debbie at Angel Loving Care and feel about 6 inches taller and can’t believe that the tension in my neck and shoulders has melted away! It’s amazing that work on the hips and legs can ease tension all up the back, neck and shoulders. I schedule my diary when in Scotland around getting my appointments in. Feel so much lighter and looser. Amazing!
P Kelly, Carlisle


Debbie, as promised I am writing to thank you for the vast improvement I have experienced with my back neck and shoulders whilst undergoing the no hands massage. I would not have thought of booking this treatment myself as I had never heard of it, but thankfully my wife bought the first session as a present. The first massage was certainly good but after about three or four sessions my back and shoulders which felt stiff, almost fused and constantly causing me pain, improved dramatically. I actually didn’t notice that I wasn’t hurting, which I guess is testament to the no hands free. I have continued with the course of treatment and I have not suffered any real problems since. This has impressed me as I suffered a dislocation of my left shoulder twenty years ago and the pain had been with me ever since, running right across my neck, vertebrae and shoulders. I have undertaken osteopathy treatment in the past but the pain never went away, it was just made manageable for a day or two before returning. Also being tall I found that I had developed a sort of stoop over the years, this massage has helped free / relax my shoulders and I have improved my posture as well.

All in all it is the most effective treatment I have come across to help combat my symptoms. Please note that I am most definitely not the sort of person to write a testimonial extolling a products virtue, but this has been the only treatment I have had that has actually had a long term effect.
Oh… and the massage itself is a pure self indulgent pleasure. I really can’t say anymore than that.
Cheers Kev. Kevin Gray – West Lothian


Hi. I have been a client of Debbie King of Angel Loving Care since she started out on her own many years ago. I am mainly a massage person and Debbie is the Queen of all types of massage from your basic type to my favourite the hot stone aromatherapy. She also,uses the no hands type of massage. Her anticipation of the blend of oils that I need on the day is magical and has no problem in dealing with areas that need a greater focus. I return to ALC, Debbie, as I know I will get the best massage on offer anywhere. She is top of the class at what she does, caring, flexible and her anticipation of what is needed is scarily on the ball. She has recently moved to new premises which are cosy and relaxing – perfect. I wish ALC and Debbie the very best of luck in the upcoming Awards.
Marian McLuckie- Longstanding Client



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