Women’s Health

Just as every woman is different and has her own unique path to travel, so too there are numerous different health niggles that we as women have to deal with…
At Angel Loving Care you can be guaranteed a warm friendly welcome and compassionate ear to listen to your issues and prescribe the perfect pick me treatment or treatment plan for you…
As the saying goes “Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman” but at least you don’t need to go through it on your own.
​Trained on a one to one basis by International Fertility Massage founder Clare Spink, Deborah is part of a special worldwide sisterhood of well woman and fertility therapists… Together we offer support not only to one and other within our daily practices but hold the reassurance that if we ever within our own clinical practice stumble upon a condition or something with our clients that needs extra advice or information on to offer the perfect blend of treatments and aftercare for a lady we have an army of therapists on hand to support us… Sisters from around the world all supporting each other to support you!


Womb Massage – For the A to Z of Good Woman’s Health | Prices from £80


A beautiful treatment to reconnect the mind, body and womb…
A blend of sisterhood, abdomen sacral, robozo and doula techniques fused together to make a ritual that can bring you into a wonderful state of well being and completeness. This ritual begins on the lower back and glutes before moving onto the womb and abdomen – boosting circulation and helping with some of those issues that only us girls can understand. Perfect for any woman be they just entering menarche, trying for a baby, getting over feminine emotional trauma and entering menopause and beyond… Tailor made to meet you exactly where you are in this moment in time…


Menstrual Problems that can be helped with Womb Massage
The menstrual cycle covers a huge amount of a woman’s life – often with us seeing young girls as young as 10 or 11 starting to take their first bleeds these days and continuing sometimes well into a woman’s 50s and even 60s.
A vital and powerful part of the female gender all too often the “dreaded monthly visit” can be a real force to be reckoned with so what’s the answer?
Sadly all too often a visit to the GP could end up with a premature start onto hormone balancing tablets or other simply to disguise the symptoms there and then but this really doesn’t get to the heart of any problems and often simply serves as a mask which in turn can have adverse affects at a later date. That’s where we can help…
Not ever going against the medical advice of a GP but often there are natural remedies or help with treatments such as womb massage, reflexology (particularly the facial reflexology), EMMETT which when combined with self care massage and other home care procedures offer natural relief to the problems…

Heavy, Painful or Blood clots:

  • Helps to bring fresh blood to the uterus
  • Helps the body to get rid of old, stagnant blood
  • Increases endorphins which help reduce pain
  • Aids the uterus in getting rid of blood clots
  • Helps restore correct position of the uterus, which can ease pain and lessen blood clots easing trapped nerves which brings pain relief

Irregular Bleeds:

  • Balances hormones
  • Eases stress which has a huge impact on cycles
  • Increased circulation increases hormone delivery

PCOS (Polycsytic Ovaries Syndrome):

  • Encourages hormonal balance
  • Helps to clear congestion
  • Brings fresh, oxygenated blood to the ovaries
  • Clears pathways for feedback between reproductive organs and endocrine system

Endometriosis & Fibroids:

  • Massage releases endorphins which eases pain
  • Promotes hormonal balance
  • Strengthens the liver to enhance oestrogen metabolism
  • Helps to clear congestion
  • Brings fresh, oxygenated blood to the ovaries
  • Clears pathways for feedback between reproductive organs and endocrine system
  • Breaks down scar tissue and adhesions
  • Releases trapped nerves, which eases pain

Poor Egg (or Sperm) Health:

  • Helps to bring fresh blood to the Ovaries (testes)
  • Increased circulation increases hormone delivery
  • Helps the body to release scar tissue surrounding the ovaries, easing journey of an ovulating egg

Poor Mucus Production:

  • Encourages hormonal balance thus mucus production
  • Increased circulation to the cervix, promotes healing and repair, especially for damaged cervix
  • Increases lymphatic flow, therefore enhancing mucus production

Blocked Fallopian Tubes:

  • Helps to reduce inflammation
  • Breaks up scar tissue causing blockages in tubes
  • Increased circulation aids in tissue elimination and repair
  • Helps the body to loosen tension within tissues
  • Encourages tone and strength

Digestive Complaints:

  • Constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s Disease etc…
  • Encourages elimination from digestive tract, easing constipation
  • Releases trapped wind and bloating
  • Promotes bowel movements, which aids in elimination of toxins
  • Tones and strengthens the intestines

Lower Back Pain:

  • Easing tension, scar tissue and adhesions in sacrum and coccyx
  • Releasing trapped nerves in lower spine
  • Easing pelvic imbalances to help restore correct position of Uterus.

Emotional Trauma:

  • Easing stress
  • Eases tension from old emotional traumas
  • Aids in releasing trapped emotions
  • Helps women to connect to their womb – particularly important and good with IVF and other fertility methods​


  • Just as you think its all over – a new series of hormonal changes and emotions come along… womb massage can help on the road towards transition and acceptance of the new changes to the body.

Natural Fertility Massage

​The Traditional Ideal….

“Once upon a time…boy meets girl, they fall in love get married have children and they all live happily ever after….”

The above is a typical stereotype of what most of us as children believed to be the truth and the normal way of life. Even growing up myself it just seemed to be the normal expectation as a little girl that I would inevitably grow up, meet and fall in love with my very own Prince Charming and then get married and have a family…. Of course modern day stresses now-a-days does mean that life is not always that simple however it’s a very sad reality that “Infertility” or “Fertility problems” that was once a fairly rare condition affecting only a few couples in a hundred has now risen to a staggering 1 in 3 couples. It is a sad reality that month after month women and couples face the heart-breaking reality that their dreams of motherhood are not to be granted once again. Science and Medicine can do so much but doesn’t necessarily get to the heart of the matter and the real reasons behind what is preventing these couples from having a healthy pregnancy. Even tried and tested techniques such as IVF although offering hope and a light at the end of the tunnel still only provide low stats of success and even lower still of the end desire result – a healthy happy baby…

So what if anything can be done to help this problem…Actually probably more than you think.

What is Natural Fertility Massage?
The Natural Fertility Programmes incorporated with Natural Fertility Massage is one of the best kept Fertility secrets… Although still a relatively unknown it has in actual fact been practised for a number of years and blends together a powerful combination of some of the most therapeutic and effective massage techniques available for the abdomen such as abdomen Sacral Massage, Pulsing, Trigger point release, robozo techniques, reflexology and positive mental attitude stress management techniques together with the science of an in depth look at the mum to be’s diet, natural hormonal cycles and an education into getting in touch with her womb inside and out.
In addition to being able to treat in fertility matters these techniques are also powerful beyond belief in to address complaints such as Reproductive & Digestive systems and lower back complaints therefore enhancing natural fertility.

The effects that Fertility Massage Therapy has on the Reproductive & Digestive System, explains why it is an ideal complement to The Baby Creating Plan or Artificial Reproductive Technology (ART) such as IVF, ICSI, IUI, Egg or Sperm Donor.

The Benefits of Fertility Massage and How it works

  • Increases circulation to the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes
  • Increases circulation to the digestive system thereby enhancing immune system
  • Promotes hormonal balance
  • Helps the body to rid itself of old stagnant blood, tissues and scar tissue
  • Helps to reposition a tilted uterus
  • Encourages hormonal balance
  • Helps to clear congestion
  • Brings fresh, oxygenated blood to the ovaries
  • Clears pathways for feedback between reproductive organs and endocrine system

Pregnancy Massage | From £65

Safe, nurturing, tailor made massage treatments designed with a lot of love and care to meet you exactly where you are during your pregnancy journey. Be it in the early days or the last trimester when you just cant wait to meet your newest addition you can relax in confidence as Head Angel Debs will relax, soothe and leave you feeling on top of the world.
​If you are struggling from any muscular complaints also this can be incorporated into your session safely and effectively….

​What our clients have to say….

During my second pregnancy I experienced SPD around 13 weeks. Having had it previously I knew what it was and spoke to my midwife. I was referred for physio and crutches. Neither of these helped with the pain or restricted movement. I sought help from Debbie after explaining my problem and a thorough discussion she advised me what we could try. After just a few treatments involving massage and robozo techniques I no longer needed crutches and could even touch my toes again despite my growing bump. I kept up the treatments throughout my pregnancy and maintained my movement. I followed up with a well woman treatment after the birth which was really lovely and made me feel more like ‘me’ again. I try to visit Debbie regularly for some tlc which is much needed with 2 little ones to run around after. I only wish I could visit more often!

Annie Lou, West Lothian Lynne Size, Livingston



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