TEWC Full Therapist Training Course

Entrance Requirements
No Previous experience required as Full training will be given.

Certification Requirements
Full attendance of the course, practical & theory assessment and case studies.

Certified Earthworks Therapist- Facial and/or Body Therapist accredited by the Guild of Professional Beauty & Holistic Therapists.

Varies by client and profession

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Looking for a business that will give you the flexibility to do as little or as many hours as you want to do with Full Training and professional qualifications and access to bespoke amazing Products and treatments plus ongoing support????

Look no further as we have the perfect business in a box for you…. Select from as little or much as you want….

Angel Loving Care and Zen Touch Therapy Academy are sooooo excited to be able to formally introduce our business associates The Earthworks Cosmetics Company.

For a long time we wanted to be able to give something back to the industry and team up with a company with the same moral beliefs and ethics as us ensuring that we have a great company to work with and that will look after our students and we have found that with Ally and her team…

TEWC (The Earthworks Cosmetics Company) are a artisan skin care company that have a passion and commitment to being able to produce some of the best skincare products in the beauty market today.
100% natural handmade products that are lovingly blended and prepared to get the very best out of all skin types.
Offering a simply incredible range of Facial & Body products we can truly boast that we can offer you
100% Natural Products with no compromise on the quality and results.

In the beginning… How Earthworks Cosmetics all began:
The Earthworks Cosmetics Company was the brainchild of working mum and entrepreneur Ally S who like many of us with a keen interest in health and well being had always taken a keen interest in looking after herself and keeping a healthy lifestyle. Upon becoming pregnant with her first child she started to take a closer look into the science behind exactly what she was putting into her body including the kind of lotions and potions she was applying to her skin. It was on carrying out research into the “Natural” beauty product market she was alarmed at just how natural or more to the point unnatural many of these products were especially when looking closely at some of the hidden ingredients…

The skin is the largest organ of our body and actually incredibly absorbs up to 60% of anything that we put onto our bodies – hence the reason why nicotine patches, pain killer patches and creams etc work so effectively when applied directly to the skin so it was very evident that many of us can unknowingly absorb so much into our bodies just by the daily action of rubbing a body lotion or cream into our skin. Ally found this subject fascinating but also very alarming at how little there was within the beauty market that was truly worthy of the name “Natural”. This Inspired and motivated her into looking for safe, affordable alternatives and with nothing quite ticking all of the boxes for her she decided to take the old saying of “if a jobs worth doing do it yourself” quite literally and began experimenting with making her own products. The results were phenomenal and it wasn’t long before word spread about just how amazing these products were with a demand growing from friends and family for her to get these products out there for the masses…. The rest is history as they say…

So with so many different beauty product ranges out there offering so much – Why choose The Earthworks Cosmetics Products?
As a successful award winning therapist myself and having been in the heart of beauty industry for well over a decade these are by far some of the most exciting and vibrant products I have ever used. The simply ooze with brilliance both in their simplicity and results and most importantly my clients have just fallen in love with them as much as I have…
In an age where the customer is looking for top notch results every time and at a competitive price – this range ticks every box!

Your Training will be tailor made for you but will include the following according to your business choice:

  • Option 1 – Facial and Skincare Diploma Qualification using Earthworks Skincare Products including Full Start up kit with training in our bespoke range of bespoke facials £399
  • Option 2 – Facial and Skincare Diploma Qualification and Holistic Massage Diploma Qualification including start up kit £799
  • Option 3 – Deluxe Spa Facial therapist package – as option 2 but with additional Hot Stone Massage qualification £899
  • Marketing Tips and Business Training – How to market yourself with the earthworks cosmetics brand including retailing opportunities
  • Your certificates of qualification will entitle you to market yourself as a Fully qualified Therapist and is fully recognised and insured by The Guild of Professional Beauty & Holistic Therapist bodies. (subject to terms and conditions)


HOURS (May Vary)


Tues - 1pm til 10pm

Wed - 9am til 10pm

Sun - 11am til 6pm


HOURS (May Vary)

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